19 January 2013

Boys, boys, boys

I fell in love with this image of lovely Marlon Brando, and in those situations what is there to do except for taking your pencil and your Moleskine, and start drawing. I started it in a bit weird way without sketching, because i had an intention of making only the pose and the lightning in the same way as in the reference, but then.. I couldn't change anything in the face (I mean look at it ♥), so the drawing ended up being in slightly different angle. Forgive me.

This is some doodling on a different paper. I really like this expression at the moment, as you might guess.

And now what I'm drawing is in the picture on the right page, where the pose is based on this picture, an artwork of Lucas Simoes. He makes amazing stuff, and you definitely should take a look at the rest of them at his website.

Oh, and one more thing! I finally bought kneadable eraser which i until this moment have been thinking I'll never need or want. Since now I've just been cutting pieces off of my erasers to have sharp corners, and it's been working fine. But let's see what difference can this easier tool make. Right now I'm still learning to use it, and because it's so different it might take a while, but hopefully it can change my drawings to having more details!

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