1 February 2013


My latest painting started off today, it's a mix of many inspiring pictures and techniques together. I took some other wip-pictures, but i think i've been filling the blog with too many of those already, probably you're not that interested on the process! So here is how it's looking at the moment. It's at the same time the first painting i'm doing on my new paper cube (Cansons multi-technique pad of 200g/m2, it's perfect) and the first painting i'm getting to try the painting easel with. I got the beautiful wooden Tempera as a christmas present from my love!

Then i want to share my sketch of European Union's symbol, Virgin Mary with a disease. That's my point of view with EU as well, i could say. And the anatomy practice-page in my moleskine made with charcoal pencils is the last picture here this time.


maddy said...

Ylin maalaus on upea. Olen kateellinen kaikille jotka osaa maalata, itseltä eivät luonnistu kuin lyijykynäpiirrokset. Jään seurailemaan:)

Kaisla said...

Se ylin maalaus on tosiaan vielä kesken, olen jo korjaillut kasvon vääristymiä ja aloittanut taustan viimeistelyn, toivottavasti pidät lopputuloksesta!
Kiitos :--)