13 August 2013



I finally finished the very first Moleskine I own (in such a patient way you can just imagine, when anything filling the pages would do to get a reason for brand new, smooth and unopened sweet more-than-notebook.. haha!), and bought my second one! At the same time I got a new calendar, also similar to the one i had last year. It's such a joy to have good quality products for everyday use, especially when they can look as good as these two babies! And here is how bad the previous ones looked after the use, probably the new ones will suffer similar future.


But oh, that was not all I've been updating. For a new "job" I got (in art-specialized kindergarten) my partner got me amazing gouache- and acrylic-colours as a surprise! I can't wait to start trying them out, I've never even tried gouaches before!

Here is the first drawing I made into the sweet white pages of my sweet black Moleskine. It's a view from our bedroom window of the apartment addressed on the pages. There is my contact information for a case of loss, and I couldn't play it too safe so I put all of the information I managed. And hahah, don't mind the reward of returning, I don't really know how to value a notebook that I haven't been getting too close with yet.

I've been feeling a bit guilty not updating anything to anywhere in such a long period of time, I hope all of this new stuff keeps me more active and drawing in the future!


rosaparks said...

Mä en kestä kun sä oot niin taitava! (:

Noora Hoistacher said...

Aww, kiitos kamalasti!