9 September 2013

Red fox on the snow

I want to apologize for taking way too long time to publish the painting I talked about in my last post, this is not what I originally ment with "couple of days". The main reason for the delay is that I didn't catch a picture of the final form of the painting as I gave it away almost immediately after finishing it, and then I couldn't figure out a way to get the snap of the almost-finished piece I got with my phones crappy camera to here. Well now it's done, but the quality obviously is not too great. Sorry for that as well!

Details from the progress so far: the glow to the eye and the hair of the head.

35 x 53 cm with acrylics

After taking that last crappy picture I did some touch-ups on the tail and snow, but other than that this is pretty much how I gave it away. I hope I could show the final form better, but perhaps the new owner can take a better picture of it later.

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