30 December 2013

Ahead to the new year!

As the old year comes to its end, I thought to finally share you one of the paintings I've been keeping in shadows for most of the year. It's definitely one of the paintings I'm most proud of, despite the fact that it's a subject so far from my taste, likes and style, and also because of that.
It's one of the biggest projects I've had, a commission as you might guess, and I'm not just talking the size (70 x 100 cm). It took me nearly 40 hours to make even though I rushed a lot in the end.

It was given to the customer almost immediately after it was finished, and that's the reason I don't have better pictures than these ones. Hopefully you'll enjoy it nevertheless!

By the way you might be able to expect some experimental splashing posts in the future - my dear little sister bought me an oil paint set (with a beautiful Van Gogh card) as a Christmas present and I can't wait to get to practice with them for the first time properly!

Wishing the happiest new year of 2014 to all ♥

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