27 April 2014

The very first self portrait


Lately I've been getting more and more into minimalistic black and white photography, and I've been trying to find some beautiful inspirational stock-photos all over the internet. After a long searching that resulted in tens of stunning non-stock pictures being saved into my collections of inspiration, I realized that if I want good, high quality reference pictures that are having the light that I want, I must take them myself.

Since I couldn't get a model for that moment, I decided to try taking the pictures I wished for with a camera leg and a small source of sharp light.. of myself.
I also am exited to say, that I already planned a little project with a photogenic person, who was modeling for me also in 2008, for some nice b&w-paintings hope, but more about that later! ;)
Here I present you for the first time - a self portrait!

And then this one is not a self portrait, and not a very good painting even, but this picture is still quite pretty, and maybe you can find something nice about it! It's not very much looking like, but inspired by a stunning, glamorous picture of Natalia Vodianova.

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