12 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

In between of all of the painting I'm doing many hours daily I painted few Mother's Day cards. I did around five of them in three hours because I was exhausted, which is also the reason why all the rest flew to the garbage except the one which is picturing Venice. So that's what my mother got!

In the last picture there is my newest beautiful journal. I always buy the journal and sketchbook just for the paper and the form, but then make the covers by myself so that they are more inviting to write and draw to. This time anyway I found an amazing article from a finnish art magazine TAIDE about this one artist, Jarmo Kukkonen, who at last winter had an exhibition which I think deserves to be mentioned.
It was called "108 maalausta", and included 108 small paintings, which each represented the 108 prayer beads of buddhists and hindus. I think these are exceptionally inspiring, not to mention beautiful.

Here is a video based on the installation

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