10 July 2014

Over the horizon

Today this painting has gotten into the new owner's hands, so I'm finally able to show you what I was working on all this time!

This is where it all started from. I had got tons of different reference pictures and verbal explanation on what he was looking for, what kind of feeling and details would be included and how would be the background. These are the sketches I sent after I believed I got the idea, and then we made few changes to the picture he chose.

After this I started to work on the picture, painting over with thinned down watery acrylics first. After that the painting was quite easy and went on quite fast. Here you can see pictures of the process and then the final piece just before packing.

Acrylics on canvas, 35 x 27 cm


Anonymous said...

Aivan upea :)

Noora Karoliina said...

Kiitos ♥