30 July 2014

The masterpost of tools

I have been meaning to write about the tools of mine for the longest time, and now it seems to be the perfect time (not actually, I have to clean and do other boring stuff but let's not talk about that) to do so since it's raining and I finally have been completing my stacks!
I'm going to try to tell all the main things about both painting and drawing tools that I prefer, but if you have some more questions about these or any other art tools don't be afraid to ask, I'll be happy to answer!

This is basically everything I use for the acrylic paintings, having few samples of paints and a small portion of the brushes I use. The plastic lid is my palette, but I frequently use a piece of carton instead of it, because then the paints mix easier. The plastic cup is for water, the carpet knife is for making the frames. The frame in the picture is not stretched by me.

Paints & else. The acrylic paint brand Ferrario is the best value I've found so far, they are the white tubes in the picture but I also have them in small tubes. Every now and then I mix up some average acrylics from ArtCreation Essentials, the black tube in the picture. The cheaper Essentials -brand has less pigment or "body" to it, which means it's a bit more watery and I need to use slightly more of it to get to the wished results.
On the top there's a palette knife I don't use too often but I completely adore, it's the only one I have. Below it, the yellow brush is Daler & Rowney's system 3 size 0 for the details. It's super comfortable to use and I couldn't be happier with it.

Brushes on the right. I've actually collected various brands and various sizes, buying each one singularly for the need and occasion. Anyway I've found that the best value have always been Robert Simmons Signet  round-headed brushes. They are the green-ended brushes in the picture, sizes 11 and 2/0. They are very high quality, made of Chunking hog bristles (bristles from hogs raised in the region of the Chinese city Chungking), feel good to the hand and most importantly last long unchanged.

The wood colour flat brushes are Tempera: Pure Bristle, sizes 5 and 12. They are average quality for normal use. They run out of use pretty fast, but with good care they last longer.
I also have one yellow White Bristle brush by pébéo to try, so far it seems quite good, firm, but not better than Robert Simmons' brushes.

Okay, here we have my pencil case for everyday use (I have quite few of pencil cases for all the pens and pencils) and samples of what I need for example for drawing. The black sketchbook you know already, it's my sweet Moleskine, which I can say is totally worth the try. The tape is for framing the paintings that I do not paint into the Moleskine.

Pencils. I use almost only Staedtler's Mars Lumograph pencils since they come with big variety, are good value and easy to find from anywhere in Finland. Despite of that my favourite pencil is 2B by Faber-Castell that I lost before taking this picture.

Colour pens and pencils. I found so far my favourite colour pencils recently, when I realized that in one shop they sell them separately with amazingly large variety. They don't smudge easily and the colours are vibrant and strong, I really think they are amazing. Only the white pencil in the picture isn't really doing the job well, for my use (highlighting) I prefer white gel pens, in this case Hybrid Gel Grip from Pentel, but I really doubt that there would be very big difference between brands in gel pens. At least I've never tried a good one.

Watercolours and else. The watercolours I own are widely known as super duper, and I can't deny that. St. Petersburg White Nights are yield, long-lasting and just overall work amazingly with water. You can buy the paint buttons separately, add and remove them from the case and customize so the palette easily to be anything you need.
The rubbers I have are both for different use. Kneaded rubber is a must for making details, and the white one works well for anything else. I kind of found my favourite to be from Maped, but there are tons of other good ones. Also in the picture I have a q-tip for smudging the pencil lines in small areas. Any brand will do just fine ;)

This is what I'm starting to work on next! It's the biggest canvas I've had so far, and I'm quite proud that I stretched the canvas all by myself, and even though it looks ugly from behind it's straight and wrinkle-free! And did I mention I did it alone, and it's huge?

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