26 January 2015

Another paintings end is other's beginning

I started a new painting, and after hours of work I start to like the results. Here is a detail of the progress!

The picture above is the base, on which the new painting is created. It was another painting in progress for a while, but as I have learned - it's important to know when to let go and start over.
It's also super lovely to be painting straight on a dark background for a change! It makes painting so much easier, I can concentrate on tones and shades much more this way.

Lately I have been making quite a lot of sketches, but comparing to before I haven't been satisfied with any of them, at least not enough to upload a picture for you guys. I'm paying more attention to composition and story of a picture than before, and I really feel like practicing and developing the best finished paintings I can.

Anyway here on the left is a picture I started to do when I really felt like drawing lots of details with the favourite pencil of mine (I was afraid I had lost it for good, but I found it that day and this was a celebration on its beautiful line!) in moleskine.

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