8 April 2015

Mysterious white spots

The pile of paintings in process is growing taller and taller!

I'm happy to finally see myself being more comfortable with continuing incomplete works over long periods, and I'm really going for that style, as you can see! Unfortunately I'm currently having so long and hard days in work, that for once when I'm super inspired and having my hands full of stuff to create, painting doesn't have the time it needs. But I'm doing what I can!

Here is a progress -shot of one of my favourite current pieces of work. I was deciding between this sweet deep blue background and the traditional dark one that I usually make, but ended up with the common choice that also is the one from the reference shot. The reference shot is a beautiful, moody picture I took of my sister last December, and which I used for this until last week, when it got lost with many other files from my broken computer. Since that I've been working on this from my imagination, and I truly hope it'll turn out alright!

(the white spots will make sense later on!)

What would you suggest for the title of this painting? I'm still completely clueless.

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