22 March 2017

At the Yellow House

Three months have passed, it's past midnight, and I'm having a job interview tomorrow. This is the absolutely perfect moment to make a blog post, and publish photos taken of a pop up -exhibition from last year.

The exhibition took place 11.-13.12.2016 at the lovely and lively Yellow House-simulator inside the (very unlikely) venue, Gallery Emil, located at the very center of Tampere.
The simulator was a part of Tampere Underground. Nyt! -happening, which showcased the present state of the underground art coulture in this city. I was invited and signed in to the happening very spontaneously, and since I didn't have much to put up to the walls, I decided to go and sketch at the event venue on the 12th. That's what you'll see now!

The pictures have been taken by amazing Kimmo Siniluoto under the most yellow lights of the Yellow House, so you might see them having a bit distorted colour balance. If the yellow lights in the yellow-painted place doesn't throw off the white balance of any camera, I don't know what will. But I like the photos this way, too!

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