23 March 2017

The evidence of spending time approriately

As I talk a lot about my ongoing painting challenge, where I practise so much and all that, I think every now and then it could be fair to post some evidence. I mean, it's not only empty words I make, even though there's some of that too. But ever since I've started to look at my progress properly, it has begun to be harder and harder to have anything I would be proud to present on sight, even as a practice painting or a sketch. I hope the growing standards are not only a bad sign.

Here I've selected some of the recent works of mine, which might represent a good variety of the things I've tried.

This is based on a Vuoren Henki (Haahuu) by lovely and ever-talented Mara Balls.
Acrylics on paper, about 60 cm wide. (incomplete)

Quick, light self-portrait

References for the quick one-colour-studies: Marlon Brando (left) & Birgitte Bardot (right)

And finally, something else!

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