26 March 2017

Slightly challenging

If you've ever wondered where have the posts about my actually finished actual paintings been, or if there are any, I can let you know now.

After I've framed the paintings, it's a bit challenging to take a decent photograph.
In the first picture I've even used reflection-minimizing photographing filter and all.

23 March 2017

The evidence of spending time approriately

As I talk a lot about my ongoing painting challenge, where I practise so much and all that, I think every now and then it could be fair to post some evidence. I mean, it's not only empty words I make, even though there's some of that too. But ever since I've started to look at my progress properly, it has begun to be harder and harder to have anything I would be proud to present on sight, even as a practice painting or a sketch. I hope the growing standards are not only a bad sign.

Here I've selected some of the recent works of mine, which might represent a good variety of the things I've tried.

This is based on a Vuoren Henki (Haahuu) by lovely and ever-talented Mara Balls.
Acrylics on paper, about 60 cm wide. (incomplete)

Quick, light self-portrait

References for the quick one-colour-studies: Marlon Brando (left) & Birgitte Bardot (right)

And finally, something else!

22 March 2017

At the Yellow House

Three months have passed, it's past midnight, and I'm having a job interview tomorrow. This is the absolutely perfect moment to make a blog post, and publish photos taken of a pop up -exhibition from last year.

The exhibition took place 11.-13.12.2016 at the lovely and lively Yellow House-simulator inside the (very unlikely) venue, Gallery Emil, located at the very center of Tampere.
The simulator was a part of Tampere Underground. Nyt! -happening, which showcased the present state of the underground art coulture in this city. I was invited and signed in to the happening very spontaneously, and since I didn't have much to put up to the walls, I decided to go and sketch at the event venue on the 12th. That's what you'll see now!

The pictures have been taken by amazing Kimmo Siniluoto under the most yellow lights of the Yellow House, so you might see them having a bit distorted colour balance. If the yellow lights in the yellow-painted place doesn't throw off the white balance of any camera, I don't know what will. But I like the photos this way, too!

3 February 2017

Acrylic studies

Even thought I've been a bit quiet over here in the blog, it doesn't mean I haven't been painting and drawing constantly. I'm, as usual, having big plans with acrylic paints, but also after a long, long time I have been able to continue some ancient works of mine, which have been in progress for years! At the moment I'm working on two to four paintings, and in between I study the techniques on small sketches. So even though I don't have much to show at the moment, I do keep myself busy!

Besides the big projects I try to keep learning the painting methods and techniques by practicing, practicing and practicing. I try to get the sense on mixing the colors, and using the brush effectively without needing to spend too much of my time simply fixing the mistakes, like I'm used to. I also have started finding out which tools are the most comfortable for my use! It's quite thrilling.

Here you can see a portion of the sketches and paintings I've done this week!

The very lovely poses I painted are based on the stock photos of Sarah

Here an incomplete study on Anya by Anna Shakina, and below a drawing of a screen shot of a film. Both done with my favourite faber-castell graphite pencil on 4B.


The bird and a skull are just overall nice little warm-up paintings, both done using a reference image found somewhere in the internet.

And finally some very common face paintings, mostly made within half an hour each. I still think the brush strokes are slightly more in my control than they used to, and I thought it might be interesting to see the details of the paintings I do nowadays.

Click for bigger images!

6 December 2016

Pop up -exhibition in Galleria Emil!

Osana Tampere underground NYT! -tapahtumaa ja sen Keltaista taloa tuon näyttelyn muodossa esille muutaman melankolisen akryylimaalaukseni.

Hetken mielijohteesta syntynyt pop-up -näyttely on pystyssä 11.-12.12. klo 11-17, ja jälkimmäisenä niistä olen paikalla piirtelemässä! 

Vapaa pääsy, tervetuloa!

Päätapahtumaan ja mm. muihin Keltaisen talon ohjelmanumeroihin pääset tutustumaan linkin takaa: https://www.facebook.com/treugnyt


As a part of Tampere underground NYT! and Yellow House I will exhibit some of my acrylic paintings in Gallery Emil, Tampere. The exhibition is open for two days, from 11. to 12.12. at 11:00-17:00, and on monday I'll be there drawing on spot.

Free entry!
From the link you'll find out more about the happening.